Leamington, Ontario

Full Time – Minimum of 50 hours per week 

3-5 Years



  • Supervise & control plant nutrition at all stages of crop growth.
  • Develop & implement good practices to meet the requirement of the ESSAP.
  • Responsible for irrigation management which includes collecting and assessing daily water sheets.
  • Responsible for submitting water samples, interpreting results and adjusting fertilizers accordingly.
  • Recommend corrective actions such as removal of plants or remedial treatments as appropriate.
  • Responsible for reporting any issues with assigned greenhouse laborers or quality of work to Greenhouse Labor Supervisor.
  • Ensure hydroponic growth and acceptable harvests have met or exceeded the company’s goals and objectives.
  • Ensure plant production has exceeded the most recent 3 years average gross pounds produced per viable producing plants grown.
  • Evaluate new potential processes and/or new products to increase revenue or save operating costs.
  • Inspect assigned growing areas on daily basis to inspect crops, status of the plant product, possible challenges, and evaluate greenhouse environment and irrigation strategy.
  • Monthly inspection of greenhouse to meet health and safety requirements.
  • Responsible for monitoring that crop work is being completed in set time frames and done properly.
  • Coordinate with IPM program to ensure timely and effective biological or chemical treatment of pests & disease.
  • Communicate with other departments to ensure timely and effective achievements in all greenhouse operations, including crop work, harvesting, and facility maintenance.
  • Communicate with external partners to evaluate potential new growing procedures.
  • Responsible for scheduling of crop work with Greenhouse Labor Supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural with minimum 3 years of experience in greenhouses as a grower or grower assistant is highly desired
  • Intermediate skills in Ms. Office.
  • Excellent time management, leadership, decision-making, and interpersonal skills.


  • Medical Insurance after 3 months probation period.
  • Pay increase on a yearly basis based on performance and seniority within the company.