To supply “Ontario grown papaya” to the local market, Amco made an effort to understand/resolve the uncertainty of growing papaya in greenhouse.

In recent years in Ontario, there has been a growth in local markets and a greater shift to local, organic and the whole notion of sustainable food. Consumers are more aware and conscious of their food decisions making healthier, more environmentally and social choices. Local food not only stimulates the Ontario and local economy, but it supplies more jobs to people and works together with other sectors in the area.

Recently, more farmers markets are appearing and people are more aware and interested to know what fresh food they eat and where it comes from. Among the exotic fruits, papaya is one of the favourites of fruit lovers for its nutritional, digestive, and medicinal properties. Canada is the third largest papaya importer and to our knowledge, no commercial producers in Ontario are growing papaya in outdoor or in greenhouse due to extreme winter weather conditions and lack of irrigation details. To supply "Ontario grown papaya" to the local market, Amco made an effort to understand/or resolve the uncertainty of growing papaya in greenhouse.

Between 2013-2015, Amco Farms Inc. carried out a series of experiments to grow papaya in greenhouses. Six papaya cultivars of Carica Papaya L. were tested. From the pilot study it was determined that cultivars red Maradol and Tainung 1 were suitable for greenhouse conditions.

Currently we are conducting experiments to optimize fruit firmness and brim (sugar content). Once we optimize the technology towards the production of marketable fruits, we will be able to supply papaya to northern USA/Canada. 

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